Walking Program For Successful Weight Loss

Since time immemorial, humans have maintained their healthy body weight by doing the most natural thing-walking. It is only in the modern age where walking has become unnecessary in everyday living that we have become overweight. In the rich Western countries, people don’t think twice about jumping into their cars to drive to the corner grocery store a few hundred yards away in order to buy a bottle of milk but this would be unthinkable and considered absurd in many poorer countries. No coincidentally, almost none of the people in those poorer countries are obese.

Walking is the easiest way to burn calories and we can do it anywhere for free. We can easily put together a very effective weight-loss program with little other than a walking plan and minor diet modifications. We don’t need expensive equipment or diet programs but here are a few tips:

In preparation for making the most of your new walking program, shave a few calories off your normal diet by doing away with sodas for lunch. Instead, choose a sparkling water and snack on a handful of grapes rather than a bar of chocolate.

Warm up by walking slowly and this will send all the right messages to your body and making it receptive to the main exercise to come (and by the way, this is true for ALL exercise routines, not just walking) which it will not consider a shock to the system. After a few minutes of strolling, speed up to a pace that challenges you for about a half hour but is not enough to make you go out of steam. To judge your speed, you are probably not going fast enough if you find it easy to chat with a partner or sing as you walk. On the other hand, you are going too fast if you can’t talk at all. After you have walked at this brisk pace for about 30 minutes, slow down again to cool off for about 5 minutes at the same pace as you used to warm up.

Do this walking routine at least three days a week, the more the better, but you don’t need to walk for more than the total of about 40 minutes. It would help you to find a walking buddy who shares your goals so you can encourage each other and hold each other accountable. Besides, the time flies by when you have someone to talk to. It would also be a big help if you are able to insert an uphill section to your walk which will push your muscles and cardiovascular system a little harder. Of course, you can simulate both the walk and the hill on a treadmill.