Simple Diet Plan For Fast Weight Loss

Having a simple diet plan or eating rules can make the job of smart food choices much easier. All of us don’t have the luxury of a house maid or cook who can conjure up the recipes given in low fat books. Processed food rarely makes the cut when the objective is losing weight. While many of us invest in dietitians and nutritionists to give us a food plan, it is extremely difficult to adhere to it when traveling or eating out. What we need is a basic understanding of food and the calories that it contains. We may end up finding out many foods that we like that are actually good for us. Just increasing their proportion in our diet can be an easy way to get started.

Whatever the diet plan, it is important to know the calorie count of the food you are consuming. Without this information, you might be quaffing down your days requirements in one meal and all the calorie watching later in the day will be of no help. A simple diet plan sometimes works on just cutting out 2-3 things of known calorific value so that you don’t have to find out the calorie count of everything. This is of course applicable only if you have a stable weight meaning that what you are consuming is being spent in equal measure. For fast weight loss you cut more and for slower loss you cut less. It depends on your self control and of course the amount of exercise that you are supplementing the plan with.

For example: If you are at 140 pounds and want to lose say 10 pounds in 5 weeks then you need to lose 2 pounds per week. Given that 3000 calories go towards 1 pound, you need to create a deficit of 6000 calories in a week or roughly 1000 per day (Best to keep a buffer since you are apt to make some mistakes). One possible way would be to cut 500 from food and another 500 through exercise.

The 500 from food can be a combination of cutting sugar, dessert at dinner time or just a healthy snack instead of a fried one. Ultimately even a simple diet plan needs to add up in calorie terms for it to work.

Another example of a simple diet plan could be dividing your day’s requirements over the day into 3 large and 3 small meals. So first you should find out what you need per day – this is easily available on many sites once you put in your height, age and body weight. Assume it is 2000 calories. Now subtract what calories you need to lose – say 800 per day. The remaining 1200 calories you can divide up over the day in a way that best meets your requirements. 400 for breakfast, 100 for mid morning snack, 250 for lunch, 150 for evening snack, and 300 for dinner could be one option.