Mini Trampoline Exercise For Fast Weight Loss

Mini trampoline exercise is one of the best exercises for fast weight loss. Exercising on a mini trampoline (rebounder) gives you a total body workout and is much more effective than regular exercise. Not only does it burn more calories than normal exercising does, but it has many other health benefits.

Rebounder exercise will engage all of your muscle groups for whole body toning and weight loss. The best exercise program is one that you will be able to stick with. Because exercising on a mini trampoline is fun and easy, it is an exercise routine that you will look forward to doing. It is convenient to exercise in the comfort of your own home. You can even exercise in front of the television, so you have no excuse not to do it.

Exercising on a mini trampoline causes your lymphatic fluids to move which will flush out toxins from within your body. This will increase your metabolism which makes it easier to lose weight. You will automatically be burning more calories than before. You can do such a variety of different exercises on your rebounder that you will never get bored.

Always begin with a warm up bounce in which you keep your feet on the mat and slowly and gently bounce. Your exercise routine should also end with this same slow bounce to cool you down.

After your warm up you can increase your bounce, jog, dance, twist, march and add arm movements. A thirty minute workout 5 days a week is recommended. Because you will use muscles that you don’t normally work, you should start with just a five minute session and slowly build up to your thirty minute workout.