Mistakes to Avoid For Fast Weight Loss

Most of us have wanted fast weight loss at one point of time or other. It could be an office party that we wanted to look our best for or just a dress in the shop window that we wanted to fit into. The reason why we want it fast is the need for quick results. We all want to think that once we’ve lost weight we can go back to eating ‘normally’. Nothing can be further than this. Read below some of the common mistakes people make while trying to achieve fast weight loss.

1. Going On a ‘Diet’: Dieting for one week or one year can help only so much since the moment you get off the diet; you will regain the weight lost. Only having a permanent ‘diet’ or a lifestyle change can help you shed the pounds and keep them away. So next time you come across a new fad diet program ask yourself if it is good for your body or even if you can be on it for the rest of your life. If either of the answers is in the negative then it is best to steer clear from it. You can have fast weight loss up to 6-8 pounds in a week by eating just fruits and vegetables and look thin but the weight will come back the moment you return to your original or even healthy eating habits. More importantly the yo-yoing of weight can have serious implication on the way you look and feel. Losing weight quickly is actually losing water quickly and that can lead to sagging and darkening of facial skin making you look aged. So ‘going on a diet’ is the biggest mistake you can make.

2. Food Alone Will Make the Difference: To lose 2 pounds in a week you need to cut back on almost 1000 calories a day. If you try to create this deficit though food alone, you are bound to fall ill. If you are planning to lose say 2 pounds in 1 month, this would however be okay but for fast weight loss, it is not. To get the best results and stay motivated, it is important to include some form of exercise in your fitness regime so that you don’t have to put the entire burden of the calorie deficit on what you are eating. There are higher chances of you cheating if you set too high a goal. So don’t focus on food alone. Combine exercise with a healthy nutritious food plan.

3. Exercise Makes Me Eat More So I Don’t: In continuation of point 3, physical activity increases the muscle component of your body making you burn more calories even when you are sleeping. Men have a higher muscle proportion which is why they burn calories faster. Even if exercising makes you hungry, it also makes up for it by the extra calories that it burns helping with fast weight loss.