Diet Pill for Fast Weight Loss

Diet pills are more popular than ever, some of these pills are very effective for fast weight loss. Science at companies that specialize in natural weight loss supplements rival that of any pharmaceutical company. The larger companies spend millions on research each year.

All this effort is paying off, some all natural diet pills are excellent choices for weight loss. When making a choice about which diet product to use, you must beware of scams. The diet pill and weight loss program industry is reported to 30-50 billion dollars each year. Because of this there are some con artists out there.

There are two types of Diet pills over-the-counter and those sold by prescription only. Some examples of prescription diet pills are : Adipex, Meridia, Xenical,, Bontril and Phentermine. These prescription type diet pills are designed for patients who obese, meaning they have a BMI of over 35.

Most prescription diet pill companies are trying to invent chemicals that closely imitate the same functions and results that natural supplements offer. This has huge profit potential for the drug makers. Natural herbs cannot be patented. This is why the drug companies are not interested in developing them as products. In a lot of cases you can get equivalent or better results from the natural herb that they are trying to imitate.

Over the counter diet pills market is out pacing all other sectors of the weight loss market. Some OTC diet pills and weight loss supplements contain ingredients with powerful amphetamine-like properties. Although these diet pills do offer fast weight loss they can be dangerous. There is a safe and effective alternative to these.